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Climate Chaos

Global warming does not appear in the forefront of the main text of Decentralized Democracy. This is because it is impossible to understand global warming as a problem without first understanding the problems of soil erosion, water depletion, deforestation, ocean death and species extinction, among others. Global warming is a problem for humanity as it affects these systems and exacerbates the problems we already face in these domains. However, our soil, water, forestry and land practices (...)

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Solar Fire and Hannah Arendt

In my previous (and first blog) oto chronicle the long process of writing Denentralized Democracy, I was under the impression I had time in front of me to work on Decentralized Democracy.
... Then we decided to launch a Solar Fire campaign to develop a wood based solar concentrator. Though of course this is work on decentalized democracy, since developing a solar based fire is a critical precondition it’s bloged about on
But solar is not the only important thing, and so (...)

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Starting a blog

I’ve run into some spare time over the next few months where I hope to finish this free-book.
I’ve been working fairly intensely on Solar Fire this past year since I believe strongly that the pre-condition for spreading decentralized philosophy and mode of living are the tools we need to actually live decentralized. Many tools we need have been preserved from decentralized times past and many new tools have been developed, but decentralized solar energy seems to be a critical piece that I (...)

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Passive Solar Energy

Authors note: A chapter on passive solar energy was in the original outline of the book, but I have no profound knowledge of passive solar energy and so will develop it here in waiting for enough material to warrant a full chapter. Ironically, passive solar energy simply so obvious that there is little to explain, but I will work on gathering as much technical info as possible.
For temperate climates, the orientation and size of windows, as well as intelligent design and good insulation, (...)

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I believe that life has value and so too humanity, that these things should be cared for, and to do so is to search for truth. ... continue Summary

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Table of Contents

*Chapters in grey are in progress.

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