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Bridging Social Divides

First published July-2010
last update 18-July-2010

Divide and conquer is one of the oldest military maxims. When people are divided amongst themselves, it is far easier to control them. By such means a small group can control a people.

A people can of course divide itself through a real or imaginary difference. However, to turn a necessary debate over a novel issue into a division of society (with little communication between the factions) is often facilitated by a propaganda campaign, by one of the factions or by a group with a vested interest in social divide .

Racism is perhaps the oldest foundation of social divide.

More modern methods are characterized by trying to force people into a market configuration, where they are forced to compete against each other rather than cooperate for a common purpose. But this does not always suffice, and so amplification

Written by Eerik Wissenz.

Table of Contents

*Chapters in grey are in progress.

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